Stop and Smell the Roses - Flowers Beyond Valentine's Day

Believe it or not, Americans will purchase 189 million stems of roses for Valentine's Day this year, according to the California Cut Flower Commission.

And what woman doesn't love roses on Valentine's Day? Nevermind the cliche of it all...Valentine's Day for me, wouldn't be Valentine's Day without the dozen roses my fiance always has delivered to my office.

So while Valentine's Day provides the sale of almost 200 million roses, an additional 1.1 billion rose stems of all different colors are sold throughout the year.

However, red roses are what we are most familiar with, and we are all aware of the traditional symbolization of love and romance behind red roses, so what is the story behind the other colors?

According to, white roses are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings and often used as an expression of remembrance.

Pink is often given as an expression of admiration and to convey appreciation and joyfulness.

The also popular yellow roses are the symbol for joy and friendship.

Orange roses symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance. Needless to say bouquet of orange roses will send a meaningful message.

Lavender roses are very unique and the perfect symbol of enchantment. The lavender rose is also traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight.

The sale of all these colored roses amount to an enormous rose industry year round.

The other big sellers through out the year?

Each year 66 million stems of Lilies are sold; 72 million stems of Iris; 77 million stems of Gerbera Daisies; 26 million stems of Calla Lillies; 27 million stems of Stock; and 59 million stems of Tulips.

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What is your flower of choice? How do you feel about roses on Valentine's Day?

Amy Gifford
Featured Blogger