For the Birds: Raumhochrosen Scales Down Historic Architecture

Whenever I see squirrels bounding along wintry, snow-covered streets, my mind immediately wanders to the critters who have to somehow make it through this inclement season sans muffler, mittens, or a hearth to warm their little bones near. Certainly, nature has made it so they are inherently equipped to survive (at least the fittest do) but what of our fine, feathered friends? Don't they get cold out there, gripping onto those stark naked branches, chirping away in the brutal wind? Surely their nests aren't that great. Well, a solution may be in sight, and a mighty swank one at that...

it's a buyer's marketit's a buyer's market

I'm not too sure how the squirrels will feel about this, but certain feathered varieties of local wildlife could now be styling in some well-made digs, modeled after historical architectural homes. Austrian design company Raumhochrosen has created precise, wooden replicas of several classic and contemporary famous Vorarlberger homes on a scale of 1:33. Some even have removable roofs, with a system intact to keep the food separated from any droppings for optimal hygiene. How thoughtful.

Peep thisPeep this

These fantastically stylish birdhouses are all for sale online, with prices starting at €149 for the house and another €49 for the stand.

Now all they need is a plasma TV and the Discovery channel and they'll be set!

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