A Pocket Full of Posies: 10 Cool Vases to Get You Ready for Valentine's Day

That time of the year has arrived yet again - time to bust out the chocolates and sentiments of undying emotion, along with the bouquets. I do love me some flowers (you can save the maudlin displays, however). They seem particularly special in winter, when they are so incongruent with the snow and bitter weather outside. These vases will help make your posies all the more special, and may inspire you to keep a fresh supply of flowers coming well past Valentine's Day.


10. Magnetic Vases by Sahar Peleg

These magnetic vases just look so cool. Maybe not the newest design (born in 2005), I do believe they are an instant classic. With their sleek aluminum finish and fine form, this set of five slender tubes stand upright via their corresponding magnetic bases. You can place the bases under a tablecloth for a vertical illusion, or just enjoy their simple elegance, base exposed and all.

Available at chiasso. and at Amazon


9. The Vase Maker by Designfenzider

 This vase maker dissects the classic notion of a vase into two distinct pieces, providing support for longer-stemmed flowers as well as a larger vessel to hold the water. Undoubtedly funky, this vase is made of a matte white porcelain base with a glazed white vase on top.


Available at libastyle







8. The Chalk Vase

options, optionsoptions, options

This chalk vase is limited only as much as your own imagination and color of chalk available. Basically, you write or draw whatever your heart desires on it. One idea might be to scrawl some daily affirmations, or messages of love, or even a calculus equation if that kind of stuff floats yer boat. It's all you, baby.

Available at iloveuma


7. The Flataalto Vase by Ronen Kadushin

With the Flataalto vase the flowers take precedence. Made from a single sheet of laser cut steel, this flower holder is a reproduction of Alvar Aalto's classic Savoy vase , only flat. With the Flataalto the classic globular shape remains the same in some ways, though now a separate receptacle is necessary to contain the water which sustains the blossoms.

Available at movisi



6. Rock Vase

rock onrock on

These rock vases are totally unique and perfect for a big effect in a small space. The pebble-sized bronze base has a little indentation to hold water, and the bronze support will hold any flower with a sturdy stem.

Via productdose


5. Vases by Emogayu

These remind me of some kind of naturally-occurring process like erosion, or some other operation where the extraneous is stripped bare, leaving only the essentials. Designed by Japanese company Emogayu, these ceramic pieces can be used for anything from vases to candleholders, and are gloriously organic in feel.

Found at belowtheclouds




4. Love Is Blind Vase

The Love is Blind vase is a lovely idea, and is sure to inspire one's inner romantic. Love letters transcribed into Braille decorate the surface, making a deeper statement than its simple appearance indicates. Its classic oval shape and earthenware body ensure that it will fit in with most interior décor.

Available at flukecollective


3. Vidalia Vase by Skram


This shapely vase is made by a small North Carolina furniture company. A bentwood form is bisected by two cylindrical brushed aluminum vases, creating a feeling of depth and volume. This curvy, organic accessory is available in three different kinds of wood.

Found at 2modern




2. The Daisy Vase

This bizarre number was once a BIC ballpoint pen. Blow-molded by hand, the plastic stretches and forms a bulbous shape that holds water and allows the newly formed container to sit upright. Pretty creative.

Via betterlivingthroughdesign


1. Portali Vases by Andrea Branzi

break out of the boxbreak out of the box



These ceramic square framed vases are so very funky and original. Made by Italian designer Andrea Branzi for the Portali collection, these are sure to elicit some curious looks. Apparently there are holes cut into the top edges, through which the stems are placed.

Via roadsidescholar

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I hope you've enjoyed this small selection of quirky vases available for all of your flower arranging needs. Hopefully they will inspire you to bring some blossoming life indoors and get your daily dose of green until Spring arrives.

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