The Greatest Canine Video Game Star Of All Time

Jake of "Dog's Life"Jake of "Dog's Life"

Who will it be? Hewie in "Haunting Ground ?" Jake in "Dog's Life ?" Raikou In the "Pokemon" Universe ?

Well, starting today, you can help the folks at MTV's Multiplayer choose the best dog or wolf (Multiplayer reminds you that both are canines.) in video gaming history! What an opportunity!

Wolves of "Wolf Quest"Wolves of "Wolf Quest"Multiplayer's year long quest for the greatest animal in video game history began in January 2008, when the contest was for the greatest horse in video gaming. The judges included top creators in the video gaming industry, and their collective vote for best horse went to Epono from the Legend of Zelda series. The rationales for selection were subjective, relating less to the artistry or technique involved in their rendering than to the spirit of the horse's character or to their own personal memories.

The first choice for best video game horse by Multiplayer Blog readers wasZombie Dog of "Resident Evil"Zombie Dog of "Resident Evil" Agro from Shadow of the Colossus.

This month's best video canine contest starts with 29 suggestions offered by Multiplayer, including Brown in Rule of Rose , the dogs in Doggie Dash , the dogs in Ultimate Duck Hunting , and Interceptor in Final Fantasy VI. Readers are welcome to submit their own favorites and, by all means, vote!

Winners will be announced on the Multiplayer Blog in about 2 weeks.

When will the best bee in video gaming contest be announced? I want to vote for that!

That's the buzz for today!

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