A Spill-Proof Savior Parents Will Love

Looking for a way to help little ones quench their thirst and gain independence at the same time? Look no further than the Fluid No-Spill Toddler Cupnew!

Just one of many variants on spill-proof cups availableJust one of many variants on spill-proof cups available

Once your child reaches toddlerhood, chances are you have heard the words “mine” or “myself” quite a bit. As independence begins to come out of the mouths of babes, finding products that helps them to learn and grow is vital. Enter the Fluid No-Spill Toddler Cupnew from Giggle.com.

This easy to grip cup is ergonomically designed for the littlest hands around. It also features a spout angled in such a manner that doesn’t require a lot of head tipping, in turn making it more difficult to spill.

Another innovative spill-proof cupAnother innovative spill-proof cup

Holding up to nine ounces of whatever beverage your toddler wishes, it is dishwasher safe to grant a common mom wish as well! Priced at only $6.00, you’ll want to stock up on these innovative spill-proof cups, especially if you have a family trip planned any time soon.

Innovative Baby and Kid Products Writer