10 Gadgets for the Filthy Rich

jewelcell_wWell, when I saw this article on 10 Gadgets for the Filty Rich, it reminded me of all of Amused and Bemused's postings, but without the silliness. I thought the article had a great title and was interesting highlight of cool gadgets out there so I am sharing here with you.

"Do you travel in private jets? Decorate your foyer with real Renoirs? Use the word "foyer"? Then there's no way you're going to get your gadget fix from anything you can get at Best Buy. You crave the most exclusive, the top of the line, the most unusual, and the most attention-grabbing technology, and price is no object. But there are expensive gadgets, and then there are expensive gadgets. We aren't talking PlayStation 3 expensive — we're talking gear so expensive you'll have your butlers pick them up in your gold-plated helicopter.

There are plenty of cool toys out there for you and your mansion, and we've compiled a list — the list — of the 10 best tech toys for the überdiscriminating connoisseur...click on the jump, enjoy the list, and to you millionaires out there: don't listen to those people laughing at you for wasting your money. They're just jealous."

You can read the whole areticle at SciFi.com. Thanks to Microdot.be for the article.

Jun 1, 2006
by Henk (not verified)

You ...

... are welcome ;)

Henk, microdot

Jun 3, 2006
by Holly Wood (not verified)

The Filthy Rich

Don't they just "take" what they want? And you better keep these away from Wynnona Ryder if you don't want them to mysteriously disappear.