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safeguardseat I just got wind of a new child car safety seat.

In September 2005 (I know I'm a little late), SafeGuard announced the SafeGuard Child Seat. It is claimed that it is a revolutionary breakthrough in child seat safety. Since car crashes are still the leading cause of death for children in the United States, the SafeGuard was designed to address the top five misuses of child seats, as cited by NHTSA, and provide parents a child seat that is intuitive and easy-to-install. SafeGuard features include:

(1) an aircraft aluminum frame, unlike most plastic framed car seats;

(2) a SmartCoreTM headrest, for better impact protection;

(3) a patented Posi-LATCH? attachment, for quick and easy installment;

(4) a unique five-point harness system which retracts like a standard seatbelt; and

(5) a one-touch adjustable headrest, for a proper fit to the child.

This child car seat is being sold right now for $429. No, that's not a typo. The good thing is that the car seat is made for children 22-65 pounds (so your child won't outgrow the seat for a long time). The bad thing is that the seat is only front-facing and starts at 22 pounds so it is not for infants. The car seat can be purchased online at, by calling 1-800-974-7798, or through specialty retailers.To read the entire press release, go to SafeGuard Press Release.

So is the SafeGuard Child Saftey Car Seat competition for the Anecia Safety Capsule? I don't think so. First off, the Anecia Safety Capsule is for infants (up to seven months old) and the SafeGuard Child Seat is for kids bigger than 22 pounds (I’ve never seen a newborn that weighs 22 pounds). Second, the goal of the Safeguard Car Seat is to correct the current misuses of the existing car seats. The Anecia Safety Capsule’s goal is different. Its purpose is to take the protection provided by the existing car seats to a whole other level (even if the existing car seat is used correctly).

I don’t propose to be an expert on the Anecia. Check out Doug's blog on May 7, 2006 for a better explanation of its safety goals. There was speculation that the Anecia Safety capsule could be prohibitively expensive. In Doug Hall’s blog on May 7, 2006, he wrote that "Current deluxe infant seats cost about $250. It’s estimated that the Anecia will be about $295. Given the short time that the seat is used (up to age 7 months) – a marketing strategy is being looked at to build a special version for use as a rental. Parents could rent the Anecia for the 7 months – saving money and peace of mind." The SafeGuard is selling for $429. Janusz should be thanking the SafeGuard for large sticker price. The $295 sticker price of the Anecia isn't so shocking anymore.

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Jun 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Note: the ANECIA is for

Note: the ANECIA is for babies only. Thus, this child seat is not in competion with it!

Nov 28, 2006
by BiSHoP (not verified)

New car seat

Standing in front of a seemingly endless row of car seats, it's hard to know which one to buy for your child. Now there's help. Last year, the federal government began rating infant and booster seats for safety and ease of use in five different categories. Only 39 of the 107 models tested received an overall "A" rating in the initial tests.