Door Opener / Closer: HotSpotMama recommendation

baby Ahhh. I finally found it again - the Touch 'n Hold Door Opener and Closer.

Hard to believe that someone would get excited about such a boring product but I love things that make life easier.

About four years ago, we bought a new glass/screen door for our front door (exactly like the one in the picture). Anyway, it came with the best door opener/closer (that's what I'm calling that thing that keeps your screen door open). Instead of the traditional metal rectangular washer like device that you have to manually move to keep the door open, all you need to do was to press a little button with your foot and the Touch 'n Hold would keep it open. In order to close the door, all you need to do is open the door a little more and the door will close (no bending involved).

You're probably thinking to yourself, how lazy is this person. Really lazy (anyone who has a remote control has no right to judge me because its in the same ballpark). But besides that, its has come in sooooo handy since I've had kids. When my kids were younger (who am I kidding, it still happens everyday), my kids always want to be carried, so I would grab one kid, open the door, press the mechanism on the door closer /opener with my foot and unlock my front door. Did you miss my point? I did not have to bend over to move the mechanism to keep the door open nor did I have a big screen door slam against my arm (or my second child that was right behind me). Whoever invented this - thank you. It's so simple that both my kids use this device to open the screen door.

I've been looking for the Touch 'n Hold Door Opener and Closer for the past four years because I need it for my back doors (they still have the traditional rectangular washer like device).

So if you're interested, it looks like you can find it in almost all your big hardware stores. Take a look at where to get it for locations near you. If you can't find it, you can buy it online at Touch 'n Hold.


Jun 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


isn't the purpose of a screen door to keep pests out while letting the air to flow? Screen doors, in my opinion, aren't meant to be kept ajar--kids or no kids. Hey--but you have the right to do whatever you want with your screen door.

Jun 5, 2006
by Hot Spot Mama

Open screen/glass door

I don't leave the screen/glass door permanetly open. Sometimes you need to keep the screen/glass door open to get inside or outside. Even if you don't have kids, you have to agree that it sucks having to try to open your door when you are holding a heavy object with both hands. Right?


Jun 6, 2006
by Davezilla (not verified)

Are you serious?

You've never noticed that screen doors have had a means of staying open since… oh the 1940s? It's not just screen doors. Glass ones have it, too. :^)

Jun 6, 2006
by Hot Spot Mama


Nope - never noticed. Ok - I did. and I am totally serious. This is an improvement on the old mechanism.

Have you ever noticed that TVs have buttons on it to turn it on and off and change the channels yet someone still went out of their way to invent the remote control? When remote controls came out, some people called people who loved remote controls lazy. Now, I don't think TVs are sold without them.

This opener/closer just makes my life easier. Try it - you might like it (or at least the other people in your house will). Or don't try it - I get no benefit either way.

I like the way you made a nose on your smiley face. (yes, I am easily amused)