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Last summer, I wanted to redecorate my son’s room. I just assumed that I would paint the room. Maybe stencil it if I had enough courage.

While I was searching for bedroom furniture, I came across wall murals for kids rooms. You put it up just like you would wall paper. What a great alternative to just painting. I thought that was pretty much the coolest thing I had seen. Until I came across self-adhesive wall decals made by Blik.

For decorating, these self-adhesive wall decals are so great I had serious problems picking pictures to post. Blik surface graphics are oversized, geometric decals that allow anyone to quickly and easily create custom wallscapes in no time. The decals are self- adhesive and removable, so your blank walls have no excuse to be bare.

The website describes wall decals as stickers for adults. blikprose If their wall decals weren’t cool enough, they have what is called ”blik prose”. Essentially, if you have a favorite nursery rhyme, you can type it into their website, pick a font and they will get back to you on how much it will cost to have the nursery rhyme made to put on your wall. How cool is that? You can write anything you want on the wall.

Check out everything they have to offer at What is Blik.

Wallies1 Wallies2

I also found Wallies wall decals. Not as cool as Blik’s wall decals but pretty darn close (and a bigger selection). They are prepasted, vinyl-coated wallpaper cutouts. They are a great way to personalize accessories and wall décor with just a little water. You can put them on anything … lamp shades, cabinets, ceramic tiles, tin wastebaskets, gift boxes, and, of course walls. Check them out at Wallies.

If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for at, I also found a great selections of Wallies at Pottery Barn Kids. Let’s not forget about all the other fantastic options that come in a paint can (or spray paint): chalkboard paint, magnetic paint and glow in the dark paint. The name of these three types of paints describes the exact purpose of the paint. Many different companies make these paints. Just go to your local hardware store and they should carry it.


Jun 10, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Also Available in Pretty Horse Designs

Give your kids night "mares".