Indoor Adventures Just Got Safer for Fingers

When children are around, accidents are bound to happen. However there is one you can avoid every time thanks to an innovative new product. As little hands reach for doors, pinched fingers are always a risk. That is exactly why Jeri Homa Keating invented the product known as Digitsavers .

Colorful and inviting in a variety of sweet animal shapes, the soft plush design attaches easily to most doorknobs, giving toddlers their independence without compromising their safety. At a very reasonable price, the Digitsavers are a hit with parents and available through a variety of online stores.

Children Are Safe When Monkeying AroundChildren Are Safe When Monkeying Around

Around the time of their debut, Keating and her pinch-proof product were featured on The View, and Rosie O’Donnell became an instant fan.

The product comes in eight animal choices – cat, dog, bear, frog, boy/girl bunny, monkey or pig, and then the head sticks out far enough into the door jam to prevent little fingers from getting squished. They also add extra safety if you have a door-slamming tantrum thrower on your hands!

The best part of the Digitsaver may be the fact its small size and convenient installation makes it ideal for travel, meaning you can be worry-free wherever your little one roams.

Digitsavers Come In An Array of Colors and CharactersDigitsavers Come In An Array of Colors and Characters

Still not convinced? Check out Keating’s official website for testimonials and past press coverage that is sure to sway you. With such a great price tag, you may find yourself buying some for others as well! (Buy here )

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