Blatte's Fractal Designs : Inventive Artwork


According to Wikipedia, "The word "fractal" has two related meanings. In colloquial usage, it denotes a shape that is recursively constructed or self-similar, that is, a shape that appears similar at all scales of magnification and is therefore often referred to as "infinitely complex." In mathematics a fractal is a geometric object that satisfies a specific technical condition."

I recently discovered an artist who goes by "Blatte" who has done some interesting work with fractal art. In corresponding with him to discussing our interest in featuring his artwork on our site, he mentioned that he doesn't feel he's particulary innovative. Well, I understand he hasn't created the genre of fractal based art but I thought his work was an interesting execution of it so I am sharing it with you anyway.

Blatte writes: "In order to make fractal art, you first need a computer and a fractal generation program. Of the latter, there are probably hundreds of different programs available, depending on what computer platform you have. Different programs do different things; many fractal generators are meant to address the more mathematical side of fractals..."






You can see his extensive collection of works here. Blatte has some amazing looking backgrounds for your computer so make sure to check them out. Well, I am curious at to people's opinions on whether they think his work is innovative?

Jun 10, 2006
by Art Linkletter (not verified)

Anything Different Is Innovative

Someone created something different and that is what is important. Afterall:

*It isn't easel to come up with art, you know

*Art Beauty is only stain deep

*Don't be too quick to brush these off

*Perhaps you should see these as "Inkoutsidethetank"

*They are amusing and amuseum