Holey Cat Climber! The Cat Climb Condo

Cat condos don't have to be boring anymore... not for you or your cat. After years of picking the best among the pole, plank, and carpet formats for my cats, I'm delighted to see that designers are stepping up to the climb for cats and their owners. The holey Cat Climb Condo will add flair to your decor and give your cat some fun!

The Cat Climbing Condo is a modular cat climber consisting of five cotton corrugated fabric-covered wood blocks, the largest being 17.7 inches on each side. Each block has four holes, two large and two small, which function as climbing steps, as well as peep holes for kitty's favorite hide-and-seek game.

The blocks can be stacked for a high-rise condo (73.6 inches high) or arranged in a garden style condo, lined up next to each other for kitty's lateral travel, or used as end tables, by adding a large cut glass to the top surface.

In addition to what it may do for your decor, the the Cat Climb Condo is so kitty-friendly. It's a great place for cats to hide, perch, or nap, as well as play. You can leave kitty's favorite toys and catnip in each cube. The cubes are well-suited for multiple cat families, as the design makes it more difficult for one cat to claim ownership. The holey climb also offers somewhat of a challenge to cats accustomed to more linear climbs.

The Cat Climb Condo comes in "warm" and "cool" colors to blend with your specific decor and is available for $285 from The Sophisticated Cat Luxury Cat Boutique. (Update: This item may no longer be available. Catty Stacks, a similar item, can be found here on Amazon.)

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