New Type of Chair with Slip On Covers :Inventive Furniture



For interesting furniture, I am not quite sure if this idea is more whimsical than inventive, but I thought it was cute enough to share here.

Portia Wells, the creator of this slipcover seating concept, says: "There is social weight to the commodities which we dress our belongings and ourselves. Through what we acquire, we are able to manipulate what we project to others. In Slipcover Chair Project, I have provided an archetypal chair, made from plywood, with four iconic chair slipcovers.

These slipcovers: a Chippendale, an Eames, a Shaker and the ubiquitous metal folding chair, act as cultural identifiers. Accommodation becomes comfortable when one can simply change the cover... thus presenting the appropriate facade. The slipcovers may discreetly tuck away in the drawer of the chair or be proudly displayed on the wall."

In furniture making and decorating, the idea of different covers for different occasions makes alot of sense. You can see the rest of her work including her disappearing lamp on her website . lamp_3

Thanks to LA Apartment Theraphy for the discovery.

Jun 10, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Did the bottlesling guy make these?

They look like chair slings.