Wireless Headphones for your iPod: Cool Product

headphonesWhat would life be without your iPod?

Everyone has an iPod and there are tons of accessories to go with your iPod. Here's one that is really valuable for all those people tired of having the headphone wires getting tangled, hitting you in the face or getting caught on something. Logitech's Wireless Headphones for iPod uses Bluetooth technology to connect an adapter (that is plugged into your iPod) to the wireless headphones.

The digital wireless technology provides over 30 feet of range, and rechargeable batteries can play up to eight hours per charge. These headphones include a wireless adapter that snaps onto your iPod or iPod mini, plus integrated controls on the headphones so you can adjust the volume, play, pause, or select tracks without touching your iPod. It comes in two different colors - white and grey. So turn on your iPod, set it down and feel free to walk around the room. Better yet, go for a jog and there are no wires to slap you in the face.

Works with the iPod Photo, iPod Mini, iPod U2 Special Edition, 4th Generation iPod and 3rd Generation iPod. Check them out at Logitech Wireless Headphones. You can get them cheaper at amazon. If you are considering buying, you should know that Logitech is offering $50 rebate right now if you buy it before June 30, 2006.

Jun 10, 2006
by Sir Lance A Lot to the rescue (not verified)

Hidden in the earphones:

tasers--stop thieves from nabbing your iPod. Taser releases just enough oomph to make the would-be-thief jump up and down like s/he is dancing to your music.