Room In a Box : Innovative New Housing Option


Do you ever wish you could add another room to your house, without going through all the hassles of renovation or remodeling? I always fantasize about making my living spaces bigger, but I don't want to go through the hassles of hiring a contractor, gogin through zoning and getting approals and shelling out tens of thousands of dollars. It hardly seems worth the effort for just one room.

An extra room would be great, but the options for adding another living space are pretty limited...but now there is a new option to think about. You can get an extra room that's delivered to you in a flat pack, ready to assemble easily and quickly.

Adding an extra room to your house, without costly construction is now only a phone call away.

ModernCabana says: "The Cabana was especially designed to meet the various spatial needs of people without the "hassle, whether it be a home office, guest cottage or yoga studio. Made for year-round use, The Cabana combines functionality with style, materials of the highest grade, and a professional building team to ensure that each Cabana is built to last....Shipped in a flat pack, The Cabana is easy to assemble and requires only basic tools:two people can install The Cabana over a few days."


Stop dreaming about adding an extra room to your house, and start your research instead.

Thanks to for the find.

Jun 11, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Interesting, BUT:

it is a bit pricey, starting at $12,500 for 10x10. For that amount, you'd be better off building a wing that will stay attached to your house when the wind gusts come!

It also seems too small to be very useful. I suppose if I had more money to waste, I'd consider getting one for the stray cat that stays in my yard. Afterall, there used to be outhouses, so why not cathouses?