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rideoncarryonDreaming about flying to an exotic new place? Thinking about vacations made me think about the difficulties of traveling on airplanes with children. Ever try to lug the usual baby/toddler stroller along with your suitcases in your travels to say Florida? The Bahamas? Italy? How about across the planet to say Tokyo or Australia? Let's face it, strollers are a travel pain in the you know what. Here's how I see it. Vacations - they really are a love hate relationship especially when you have kids. You love getting away from your everyday life. Getting to your destination is the true problem. Air travel? This is what I picture when I think of traveling anywhere on an airplane: I'm pulling a suitcase on wheels with one hand and pushing a stroller with the other hand. Of course, I have my handbag around me shoulder along with at least one other bag filled with toys to entertain my children on the plane. rideoncarryon2 Imagine how great it would be not having to push the stroller along with your suitcases. No, you're not envisioning the future when your children are old enough and no longer need a stroller. You are envisioning the Ride On Carry On. It turns your suitcase into a stroller. The Ride on Carry On is a chair that straps on to any 18"-22"H carry-on. It has a five-point harness and is durable and washable (100% polyester). It folds flat to fit in an airplane's overhead bin. The removable headrest doubles as a tray table. It supports up to 40 lbs. A flight attendant/mom thought of this idea after watching so many families struggling with all their things while in the airport. It is sold exclusively at One Step Ahead. If you want more information on it, go to One Step Ahead.

Jun 12, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

It may be practical, BUT

it seems backwards and impersonal. Who wants to "tow" her kid behind her? The mother would want to be able to see the child, and I think the child would also want to be facing frontwards and/or at least be able to see the mother.

Back to the drawing board?