In-Wheel Navigation?

So you thought In-Dash Navigation was big, how about In-Steering Wheel Navigation? It's not a whole screen for obvious reasons, but it just might work.

This hi-tech steering wheel is made by Takara and comes with a whole list of goodies. By using a computer that talks to a central unit in your car, the steering wheel can warn the driver of an opened door or even low-tire pressure. One can assume the system comes with the necessary add ons needed.

Another interesting feature is the ability to cooperate with the Navigon 7100. The 2-way system can communicate with the Navigation System and relay important information straight to the 12 o'clock position on the steering wheel. Also, by using the sensors already on board, the Navigon can more accurately gauge speed, direction and the attitude of the vehicle.

On the spokes of the wheel, are control buttons to operate the system. Currently, no manufacturers are going to provide them OEM, but the possibility is still there. The only real question I have is : Is looking down at the steering wheel safer than the dash?

HatTip : Navigadget

Apr 18, 2008
by LoveInventions
LoveInventions's picture

I think it's safer

I'm not a driver but I absolutely think it would be safer. Looks pretty damm cool as well!