Sharp Reveals Cell Phone Based on Windows Vista

Earlier this year, Intel announced their new Atom line of processors designed for the ultra-mobile PC and Mobile Internet Device (MID) market. Sharp has now announced the first cell phone based on the Atom and running Microsoft's Windows Vista. The company released specs on their newest portable device despite Intel's Atom processors not officially being released until later this year.



The phone packs quite the punch inside its small casing. Sporting an Intel Atom 1.33GHz processor, 1GB of 533MHz DDR2 memory, and a 40GB 1.8" hard drive, the Sharp D4 blurs the line between UMPC and cellular phone. The D4 will run Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and sports a full QWERTY keyboard. Connectivity features include 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and a USB port for connection to a PC. The screen is approximately 5" across and boasts an impressive 1024x600 resolution. Rounding out the feature set are a 2MP camera and a Micro SD card slot

The D4 will be available in Japan in June for ¥128,600 ($1,275/£647/€811), the same month when Intel's Atom processors will go to market. Also required is a ¥1600/month contract with the telco Willcom.

Via Register Hardware

Apr 27, 2008
by Anonymous


This is exactly what I would love to have! This sure beats those terrible thumb based computers too small or the geekly UMPC's too big to fit in any pocket.