More Wasted Space, Or Can These Ads Sell?

Check out the following ten ads. All are seeking a new approach, most are innovative, the images are interesting and the products may have merit. Still, it's difficult... sometimes impossible to tell what's being promoted. So, how important is it to get your message across? Take a look at the following ads and tell me what you think.

1. Looking for a New Job?


Source: Ads of the World

This scary, battered doll left me pondering what type of job this "person" needed to escape, or worse-what type of job might be found at the website. Turns out this is an ad for one of the TOP job hunting sites in the UK, JobzoneUK.

2. BSNL Mobile Voice SMS: Road block


Source: Ads of the World

My assumption is, if you know what station to turn to you can get road information in audio. Or maybe it's just a Rorschach print of penguins. A little research turns up that BSNL is one of the largest telecommunications companies in India, and this is an ad for their mobile section.

3. Goodyear: Watercolour 1


Source: Ads of the World

Nice painting, but does the shiny spot signify a wet road, or is it just a mirage in a high and dry area? They intend a wet road. This is an advertisement for "wet traction" tires.

4. Olay: 53


Source: Ads of the World
Olay markets skin care products, so what is the message? That Olay is strong enough to soften snake skin? The sister ad was a picture of leopard fur.

5. Mercedes-Benz: Chair


Source: Ads of the World

I don't know about you, but this ad didn't grab my attention enough to make me want to read the fine print. But, if you wade through, the concept is the chair is a chair that sells for hundreds, and that people are fascinated by the chair, just like they're fascinated with a Mercedes Benz.

6. Matchbox: Starsky and Hutch


Source: Ads of the World

Granted, they were cool dudes, but how old do you have to be to remember them? Maybe their pitching the grandparent market? Matchbox, toys cars for kids.

7. Umbro: Urinal


Source: Ads of the World

This one made me curious. "Don't waste a second. Practice keepy uppy. The Umbro 5-a-side tournament coming soon." What the heck is the tournament all about? And don't you wonder about the prize? It turns out this ad promotes a "Five A Side" football/soccer tournament in the UK, co-sponsored by Umbro (who makes urinals) and FA (I can't figure out what that stands for), where the two top teams playoff at Wimbley Stadium in the UK.

8. Guia Academica: Funnel


Source: Ads of the World
Tag line: "A masters degree makes you stand out in the crowd." Huh? What does the funnel symbolize? I have no idea, but the ad promotes a post graduate and continuing education school with branches in Columbia and Costa Rica.

9. Big Babol: Playground


Source: Ads of the World

Are they selling the playground set or the pink bubbles or....? Their sister ad isn't on a playground of any sort, so it must be the bubbles. What they're actually selling is bubble gum.

10. SPCA: It's time to neuter your dog, 3


Source: Ads of the World

Okay, so this last ad made me laugh. It's better than showing a dog humping somebody's leg, and the logo box gives one a clue to the intent. The ad is for the Society for the Cruelty to Animals spay and neuter programs.

That means, for me, one out of ten works. How about for you?


May 30, 2008
by Anonymous

It took a moment to see it,

It took a moment to see it, but in the Olay ad, the pattern of the snake skin makes 40s. I think it works. Better than the usual tactic of showing a model with made up and airbrushed skin.

In the SPCA ad, I think you will find that they are the Society for the PREVENTION of Cruelty to Animals.

May 30, 2008
by Anonymous

Big Babol: Playground

Is actually quite good. I got it right away and so did my coworkers.

May 30, 2008
by Anonymous

Well, I had to reach the

Well, I had to reach the article twice to finally get there there were kids chewing gum in the ad.