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Mangosteen, the Queen of Fruits!

Behold the Mangosteen, a small fruit with BIG health benefitsBehold the Mangosteen, a small fruit with BIG health benefits
My first experience with a mangosteen occurred while visiting Japan and it was nothing to write home about; in fact it was a disappointment. Already on guard due to the odd name - why call them "mangosteens" when they're nothing like mangos? - the thing looked like a bleached tangerine stuffed into a split purple baseball. The fruit tasted delicious; somewhat reminiscent of peaches and lychees, but there was far too little of it.

Unlike other tropical fruits, ultra-perishable mangosteens have been difficult to export successfully while proving resistant to cultivation closer to the western world. In their native Thailand, however, the noble mangosteen has long been prized for its medicinal properties as well as its delicious taste.

"Mangosteen, the Queen of Fruits"... no, that's not a taunt directed at the effeminate kid who used to loiter outside the deli. Nor is it a new superhero who hails from, er, the Bay Area.

According to Koichi Okabe, president of a Japanese dessert company president who deals with a variety of different Thai foods, "Mangosteens are sometimes called the Queen of Fruits." I'm sure they don't mind, unlike poor Shecky, the neighborhood faigela. Okabe goes on to say that "Mangosteen juice, made by crushing the fruit, skin and seeds, not only tastes great, it has wonderful health benefits."

The various mangosteen drinks now sweeping Japan are a rich purple in color, owing to the blending of mangosteen rind extracts with the pale fruit. It's the inedible inside rind, or exocarp, that carries "the good stuff" - a heady blend of over 100 phytonutrients, phenolic compounds and anti-oxidants called xanthones that have shown promise in warding off cancer in mice.

In Japan, mangosteen fruits and juices have struck a chord with a public who not only love new trends, but have been bombarded by a scary government campaign against the dreaded metabolic syndrome: illnesses caused by obesity and lack of physical fitness.

While non-Japanese companies like XanGo have been marketing mangosteen puree blends for several years now, cost factors have effectively made it a luxury product for most people. That may not be a problem in Japan, which benefits from being close to the Southeast Asian source.

UPDATE: The U.S. now carries a large selection of Mangosteen products. Visit Amazon to see their selection, including this well reviewed Mangosteen Juice.

(via Mainichi News)

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Steve Levenstein

Jun 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Mangosteen juice, whatever

Mangosteen juice, whatever its health benefits, is heavily marketed by pyramid scheme scammers. Color me more than a little skeptical about any claims here.

Jun 19, 2008
by Anonymous


well good

Jun 19, 2008
by Anonymous

about every single person to comment...

has completely missed the point. god, you dipshits. do i have to spell it out for you?
Its a fruit. it has a nickname. he was trying to be humorous.
its a healthy fruit. you arent a healthy vegetable. go and get some fucking fresh air, and stop the argument.

im not here to argue. im never going back to this particular entry. this isnt spam. spam is putting something in someone's face. if a tree falls in the forest and no one sees it, WHO GIVES A FUCK. and if you do see it, and it doesn't impede your ability to function any, why complain?

third, an advertisement or no, i never knew about this fruit before. i'll pay attention to ads like this. an ad for a generic fast food chain, i have little interest in. but as a health nut i find this interesting.

and before you go and attack me, let me make three more things perfectly clear-

1- I wont check this again, so you're spewing hot air anyway if you assault me
2- im not gay, but i have a friend who is. and i am about 25% jewish.
3- everyone here is being really, really immature. its a goddamn fruit. not exactly justification for a flame war, in any sane person's opinion.

and just for the record, im mostly referring to the guy who keeps referring to the author as an asshole, when i say you're all being dipshits. and i mean it. he/she/it could do with finding out what an actual asshole looks like, but regardless of your taste, with an attitude like that, you arent getting any for a very long time

Jun 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Looks fake

I think this is bs. That fruit looks too fake. Looks retarded.

Jun 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Refreshing comments and fruit

These comments are great. And the people fell for the troll on the homosexual bait line. But lets talk FRUIT :

I am a huge fan of exotic fruits for taste. I do not believe in holistic homeopath nonsense. Asia is full of superstitious people and actually believe in the concept of "luck".

So i seek these out for their flavor. Amusingly, all fruits are delicious before their chromosome sets are doubled, and then eventually QUADRUPLED into mega hybrids.

Every fruit cultivar on a store shelf you are aware of is a modern hybrid and a freak of nature, created by man.

Lychees, Banana, Mango, and most tropical fruits are immune from multiple chromosome set tampering so far.

Heirloom fruits might help, but even the strawberry was greatly toyed with since the late 1700s and its hard to draw a line at where you want to accept some fruit tampering.

The strawberry was fully ruined about 10 years ago. You have not bought a real strawberry in about 10 years. You have bought tasteless, white-inside sour crunchy no-mold garbage. I scoured the airline import roster of Chicago in 2008 and not once in 3 months was a single genuine strawberry shipped into Chicago from a single farm on the planet.

Strawberries start to get moldy 3 days after picking them, similar to this Mangosteen, that is why in the late 1800s a quart of strawberries could go for about 60 dollars in modern money in new york city. Sadly, not even for 200 dollars can you buy a real quart of genuine strawberries in Chicago except perhaps local grown (not airshipped).

Even the common apple used to have a slight nutmeg taste and hint of cinnamon flavor naturally. But Quadruple hybrids for pretty looks took care of taste forever in every type of apple found on any store shelf. Apples taste dead, not because you are older, but because the few you might have had access to as a kid are long gone. Farmers are uniformly greedy and always rationalize by blaming consumers.

At least its not a a spam article trying to sell us Emu farm stock or investment Alpaca livestock.

Jun 20, 2008
by Anonymous

crohn's disease

I use this stuff to combat the digestive effects of Crohn's and it works pretty well.

Go ahead and tell me I'm full of it.

Jun 24, 2008
by Anonymous

I can see by your comments,

I can see by your comments, you're 100% CLUELESS!

Jun 24, 2008
by Anonymous

Do your RESEARCH before you

Do your RESEARCH before you shoot your mouth off!

First off, we make NO claims! Secondly, look at the hard fact science and facts before you state your opinion! I can't stand people that shoot their mouth off on things they have ABSOLUTELY no CLUE about! Learn more. Here's a research website I came accross on this Mangosteen fruit. I ran into it by chance www.InformationOnMangosteen.info a great deal of info here backed by science. I don't know but I like what I read. I think I might try it.

Jul 19, 2008
by Anonymous

These people are all idiots! Mangosteen is nature's gift to you

Okay people, pull your heads out of your butts!! How can you BASH this person who has posted this info when you haven't even tried it??? Good question hunh?? Are you all botanical experts??? Do I drink mangosteen? You bet, and I will drink it til the day I die becasue it did wonders for my health. Do I purchase it through MLM...yep. And why do I do that....it's simple, it's becasue the person who told me about it buys it through MLM. Good thing I didn't care about how HOW It was sold...only THAT it was sold. Will it work for you? Maybe, maybe not, just like other things it works for some and maybe not so much for others. There is one thing for certain though....unless you give it a try, it WILL NOT WORK OR YOU!!! Oh, I forgot to mention, I have never seen a testimonial where it works for stupidity.

I agree with you totally!! Do some research and quit being so closed minded just because you think that this info was only put here for spam or because it is sold through network matrketing or MLM's. Closed minded people miss out on some of the best things in life.

NEWSFLASH......the whole world is really NOT just out there to get you!! Is this fruit sold mainly in MLM's...yep!! Why, becasue this is not a product that could just be put on a shelf without a story or an explanation. This fruit is amazing!

And, why are MLM's so bad??? All those companies have done is chosen to pay individuals to promote their product instead of the mulitple levels of distributors and advertisers in the retail world getting all of the money...now there's a thought, advetising dollars paid directly to the people who deserve it...the general public. And, with the economy being so messed up right now, how nice is it that the end consumer and the promoter are getting paid directly so that the money can filter right back into our economy instead of getting absorbed into big companies GIANT profits that we will never benefit from. Maybe other companies should take a look at this smart way of marketing. Donald Trump and Robert Kyiosaki say that this is the smartest way to market and it is the way of the future. Are they dumb asses like previously mentioned about the original post???

Why is MLM so bad??? In traditional sales, the product is produced and eventually filtered to a retail source. Are there a few different levels/people paid out for this product during the process of getting it to the shelf? YEP!! and then BIG dollars are spent to promote the product to drive sales of it. This is called advertising! Multi level marketing is adverising!! The average retail product has a price right? That price has to include everything it took to get it to the shelf right? It is well known that 55% of the cost of a product is spent on advertising alone!! Add that to all the levels of distribution and maybe if we did everything through network marketing, everything would be much cheaper and the people who deserve to get paid would!!

Mind boggling isn't it????

None of you people who are blinded by the negative thoughts of MLM have to try this but, before you go spewing off about something you know nothing about....do some research, and if you do it with an open mind I would venture to say that you would change your mind quickly! This fruit has been used for centuries in other countries for traditional healing....are they dumb asses too? I think not, the way I see it they are MUCH smarter than us and are probably alot healthier because they have used it for so long.


Jul 19, 2008
by Anonymous

What is a pyramid?

Do you even know what a pyramid is?

I will tell you what a pyramid is. The government, the IRS and every job you have ever had in your life is a pyramid.


Oct 9, 2008
by Anonymous


I quite like the fact that "exotic fruits" as you other people call here on this webbie, is being spread around.
I mean, to me, it's quite normal, but... sometimes you don't have to argue about the health benefits and stuff. I mean, it's fruit, shouldn't it be healthy?
Call me ignorant (cause I am), but I rather like eating fruit and vegetables be it a scam or not, as long as it's not expensive or tastes disgusting.

I personally love the mangosteen (still trying to hunt it down) and it's a great fruit!
Good for guessing games too (you guess how many slices there are, but you can cheat and count how many small leaves(?) there are on the bottom.

Don't eat too much. You'll get addicted.

P.S. There's a drink? Is it out in Australia?


Jan 28, 2009
by Anonymous


If the stuff cured cancer as it claims, then the pricks that sell it would disappear. In the 1800s they called it snake oil.