Pedalling Million Dollar Bike To Beijing

Just when you thought the competition at the Olympics was tough, technology takes it up another notch.

Dutch cycle maker Koga Miyata has announced and even claimed that their new million-dollar bike will help local cyclist Theo Bos capture the gold at the upcoming Beijing Olympics. The company stated that the bike named Kimera has the lowest air resistance of any bike in the world. Such a feature can help a cyclist accelerate as quickly as possible from standstill to its top speed.

Koga Miyata started the Kimera project by enlisting specialists in aerodynamics and material science. The expected value of the bike was supposed to be $100,000, but it rose significantly because of the testing of different materials and designs.

Since then, the company has let the Dutch cyclist team use prototypes in competitions and the results have been surprising. At the Manchester World Championships, the Dutch team managed to take home three gold medals.

Cycling has always meant a lot to the Netherlands as it is one of the most popular forms of transportation. But have they gone too far with the experiments? Only time can tell as we can only wait to see if technology is becoming the new “steroid” for Olympic athletes.