Where There's A Wiggle, There's A Way

Jelly is best known for its various shapes and colours, but at the Architectural Jelly Banquet, they’re more known as music superstars.

Along with seeing exquisitely designed gelatinous models of famous buildings from leading architects, guests were soothed by a unique kind of sound: jelly music. Scientists have recorded sounds made by wobbling gelatin and turned them into a distinct soundtrack.

The recordings were made by Douglas Murphy, a sound artist. The practice was done with a number of jellies being wobbled; the oscillations were measured and then turned into sound waves. Murphy stated that it was extremely interesting to explore how gelatin wobbles because of how it introduces a whole new sound to an individual.

In regards to capturing the strange sound, Murphy said the “sonic wobble” can be captured in two ways. One way is to carefully record the results of “gentle coaxing” and two, by expressing the “wobble frequency” as physically powerful bass tones. Supposedly ear experts have been studying jelly for decades as collagen (one of the ingredients of jelly) makes up the critical components of the inner ear.

It certainly sounds entertaining, but do you think jelly music ever wobble its way into a music lover’s heart?