Tapping Into A Creative Phone Product

Despite the controversies that come along with it, IOCELL’s latest invention is about to change the way you hear phone conversations.

Source: IOCELL

The IOCELL Contents Phone is designed to do one main task: record conversations onto a hard drive. Such technology might come with certain risks (depending on different state laws etc.), but it might do more good than just be a device fit for a stalker.

The invention can be a great companion for a journalist. Phone interviews are always something a writer has to do and the Contents Phone can help make sure facts and quotes are correct. So instead of heading over to a newspaper’s department, journalists can now use a device like this to do work from home.

Aside from recording conversations, the IOCELL product has a few other features. The various functions include voice guidance, music on hold and being able to play music while having a conversation. Sure the music options seem a bit unnecessary, but its definitely a unique touch that can impress friends or family.

Find out more about the IOCELL Contents Phone at their website.

Aug 1, 2008
by Anonymous

This is not new. My nokia

This is not new.

My nokia phone, a 2yr old model, and and the previous model I own (4yr old) already can record phone conversations! The only difference is my phone records to flash memory card.