How To Make A Decorative Lamp For Your Home

Since a lot of DIYs are mostly electronics, a few aspiring individuals have tried to come up with some simple and easy inventions geared towards those that aren’t techies. The following is just one of those projects that get you away from technology.

Source: Instructables

As this invention shows, lamps don’t always have to be plain and stereotypical. This decorative light source not only gets rid of the lamp shade, but it also creates a new way of illuminating a dark room.

To give you a lot of design choices, the Instructables member kept the instructions fairly wide open. In their case, the inventor used a plain-looking box as their customizable product. By cutting out a design in the box and also wiring a few things, the individual was able to create a unique decorative lamp.

Now sure you may say a lamp is a lamp, but this kind of project lets you design your own model so it can match wherever you put it. Since its fairly cheap to put together, it also makes for a great gift for a family member or a friend.

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