Create Your Own Fireworks With The Bright Star 'Antares'

Lighting designers seem to be giving up on the good old light bulb. That's okay; Thomas Alva Edison's invention, back in 1879, has been a trooper for more than a hundred years and won't be permanently replaced in our lives for many more years to come. But light emitting diodes (LEDs) are meeting the needs of the times; they save energy, using far less electricity, they last far longer than the light bulb, they are more adaptable to a variety of lighting situations, they are more resistant to weather conditions, and they're easier on the eyes.

British lighting design company, Abraxus, has been providing festive commercial lighting for 15 years. Antares, its "star" constellation LED lighting design, is very popular in retail and hospitality settings, but this year, at London's 100% Design, Abraxus has introduced a line of more colorful and user-friendly Antares designs that can be used to create your own fireworks at home.

A brilliant blue Antares, named after the giant star in the Milky Way, is shown below. The Antares namesake is made in 26", 33", and 6.5' diameters.



The new Antares is easy to install yourself. It can be hung individually or in groupings, and even blends well with other lighting designs.





Here, as part of a holiday lighting display along with other decorative lights, Antares appears as fireworks in the evening sky.



In this exterior lighting design, a tree holds one Antares light. What an atmosphere it creates on a dark wintry night!




The Cluster bracket debuted at 100% Design. It allows several Antares stars to be combined. Notice how nicely the two smaller Antares seem to explode into the larger one below... more fireworks!



The Antares, in its new home edition, will likely be a popular choice for year-round dramatic effect, as the public catches on to the versatility of LED lighting in interior and exterior design.


Oct 22, 2008
by Anonymous

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