The Cat's Out Of The Bag Now At The Refined Feline

The cat's out of the bag at The Refined Feline. The news is that the modern design center for cats, a pioneer in smart and stunning-looking cat furniture, is coming out with two, no actually three, new cat climbers. No doubt the Catemporary Cat Tower, the Catemporary Cat Tower, and the as yet Unnamed Cat Tower will find many a modern cat to love them.

Best known for it's Zen line of Lotus Cat Towers, the Kitt-in Box™, the Refined Litter Boxes, The Refined Feline continues to add intelligence, practicality, and real elegance to its cat furniture.

The "unnamed' cat tower is a 7 foot high veneered plywood cat tower covered in all the right places with cozy perches that provide both napping and scratching surfaces with Flor carpets. The shelf lines are curvy and sumptuous, just like cats love. I know my Bella's favorite elements will be the long sisal carpets on both sides of the structure for her to stretch out fully and sharpen her claws.

The stain of the veneer and the color of the carpeting are customizable on this cat tower. I'll let you know when there's a name, but I don't want to be the one to bring you the news about the price....



The Catemporary Cat Tower hugs the corner of a room; actually it is fastened to the corner walls, so it will provide a secure climber for cat. Each rung on the tower is a napper, stepper, and scratcher and is covered with replaceable carpet. The Catemporary Cat Shelf is sold separately, but looks like a must for kitty wall climbers. Is yours a fat cat? No worry... the shelf holds up to 50 pounds.


I'll let you know when the cat comes out of the bag with more info. In the meantime, you may want to pay a visit to The Refined Feline or take a look at their whole lovely collection (and read reviews) on Amazon here.

Read about the The Refined Feline's Kitt-In Box here .

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Oct 2, 2008
by Anonymous


like the last one especially, the one for the corner but is it steady? Is it cheap? wish I could have one for my cat but then it would need to be very cheap indeed.