IT Pros: Get Out Of The U.S., Find A Future In Asia

The U.S. may be cutting jobs everywhere, but there's a home for IT professionals in Asia, according to a new study on IT skills by Michigan-based human resources business Kelly Services.


Research released this month found some 80 percent of technology businesses surveyed across the Asia Pacific region said a need for IT workers had a "moderate to severe" effect on their performance. Forty-two percent of those surveyed said lack of experience in the IT workers they already have on staff was the main contributor to the problem.

Can You Fill These Seats?Can You Fill These Seats?

Other driving forces were a need for IT workers to meet business needs, and an administrative issue, where businesses were incapable of training IT professionals.

A steady increase in high-tech industries across Asia has only emphasized the need for IT workers. A Kelly Services spokeswoman said the establishment of IT hubs and regional shared service centers has called for trained professionals in those areas.

The survey also showed that technology businesses are using old-fashioned methods to get the IT workers the need; it found that hiring from other companies or training existing employees were the most popular ways to get IT staff on board.