16 Designer Art Glass Knobs That Will Blow Your Mind!

If you love hand blown art glass, you will love what the Out Of The Blue Design Studio blows: knobs! Hundreds and hundreds of art glass knobs that open doors, showers, and cabinets. And, there are more designs to come!

Out Of The Blue art glass knobs are created by glass artists from all over the world who formed an alliance, Out Of The Blue Design Studio, to provide builders and consumers with the widest selection of art glass hardware available.The Out Of The Blue catalog offers a dizzying range gorgeous art glass knobs, one more dazzling than the next. It's a wonder I've been able to pick 16 of them to blow your minds!

(Note: Some of the designs were given names by Out Of The Blue; I named the ones below that were orphaned!)


Earthly Designs


1. The World Map




There are many glass knobs of flowers; some are more abstract than others, but they are all gorgeous!

2. Yellow Snapdragon

Most of the photos shown are taken from perspective, but the shot of the yellow snapdragon is a straight on "head shot." Now you can imaging what the other knobs look like from this position. It makes you want to move your door knobs up to eye level!



3. Brown Flower



4. Blushing Rose



5. Pink Blush Rose





6. Giraffe

Cool animal skins come in giraffe, tiger, and jaguar!



Sea Designs

Many of Out Of The Blue's inspirations are from the sea. If you like aquariums, you will love the company's art glass sea collection of knobs!

7. Caribbean



8. Yellow Angelfish



Galaxy Designs


9. Black Hole



Abstract Designs

The abstract art glass knobs are guarenteed to drive you nuts! The kind of nuts you get when you can't decide which one you love most!

10. Faceted Rainbow

Several Out Of The Blue knob designs are faceted. You can even get crystal-cut glass knobs.


11. Big Swirl



12. Black Dizzy



13. Post Picasso



14. Sandblast with Facets



Sports & Hobby Designs

Your favorite baseball and football teams are probably available at Out Of The Blue, as are a few of your favorite brand name logos like Harley Davidson. A whole set of pool balls would be fun to have as door knobs too!

15. N. Y. Yankees



16. Marbled 8 Ball


I hope you enjoyed this small preview of what's available at Out Of The Blue Design Studio. Remeber, they design art glass knobs for doors, shower stalls, and cabinets.

Here's a preview of the new wine bottle stopper/opener.