My Favorite Solar Powered Halloween Lights for 2008

This year's list of Solar Powered Halloween lights is a little different than the ones in the past. This years solar powered lights are gentler in appearance and more versatile in use. In other words they can be used as more than just Halloween décor but also the entire season of autumn décor. Take a look at the list below to see what I mean.


The Guardian of Fire Solar Light











The big sweet gothic gargoyle protects your home from danger. He holds the flame to ward off evil spirits. His LED "flame" is powered by solar energy that collects during the day. The flame is ignited at night.


Bobby's Harvest Bounty Solar Light










This cute little boy Bobby with large overalls is bringing home the harvest bounty. He has a wagon full of vegetables, fruits and of course a large orange pumpkin. This 10"L x 5"W x 8 3/4"H statue is crafted of polyresin.


Fall Scarecrow Solar Light













Most scarecrows are dark and scary. This one is smiling and colorful sitting betweens sunflowers and pumpkins with a Welcome sign that reads WELCOME TO OUR PATCH.
The welcome sign he holds lights up at night and the solar panel is located in the back. This cute décor is 12" high x 7" wide.



Ceramic Sphere With Stars Solar Light











This is a very simple solar Halloween light decoration that reminds us to look up at the stars at night. The solar panel lies at the top of the sphere. The sun powers it during the day and the stars light up at night.


Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Lantern Solar Light













This solar décor is my favorite of the bunch. It is absolutely elegant. It is the kind of solar holiday décor you leave in your garden as long as you can. It is 36 inches high and stakes into the ground.

If you noticed that this year's list of Solar Powered Halloween lights is short keep in mind that many of last years and the years before are still available if you have any interest in getting any for yourself or someone else. I hope you enjoy the list and have a happy, safe and illuminated Halloween.