MILK Redefines The Perfect Desk

What's so hot about this desk? It's just a flat table on a pedestal stand. Big deal, right? Yes, it is a very big deal. MILK is a simple, elegant, sparse, and fun desk design that meets the needs of the modern worker. If a desk can be hot, MILK is HOT! Let's see why....

Designed by Søren Kjær for his own use a few years ago, the Danish designer of all things has just hooked up with Holmris Office, a Scandinavian manufacturer so that he can share MILK with all of his "friends." We think that Kjær will make a lot of friends with his intelligent sexy design.

First, you will notice that MILK is a flat desk; no platforms, no drawers.


Of course, you're not excited yet. Well, even though MILK doesn't have "drawers" per se, it does have compartments to keep your stuff. They're called MILK Boxes!


The MILK Boxes have nifty lids that you can get in this beautiful acrylic plum or aluminum or chrome. You have eight choices of color and materials for MILK Lids!



How about never seeing a wire on your desk? Is that sexy?

Here's a "drawer," so to speak... It's the MILK Drawer!



An "exit strategy" for the cable wires, MILK Cable Exit....


Need some things at your fingertips? Here's the MILK Slot!

Get it? It's MILK. Built with a MAC in mind, but PC's will accommodate. No cables. No mess. Clean. All business. That's sexy!

Not convinced yet?

* How about not having to fool with your desk chair to be comfortable at the MILK desk? You can get a rise out of MILK by pressing a button under your desk. And then, you even get to lower it! That's hot!

For those of you who can't quite just love the MILK desk yet, Here are just a few of the customizations you can get....

I have to think you agree with me now. MILK is hot! You'll have to Get MILK!

sources: MILK, Holmris Office; via 3 Rings
Oct 16, 2008
by Anonymous


Not so hot. I've already seen patents of these things before. Of course, the patents are expired so anyone can make it now. As far as the aesthetic design, I'll give it a B.