Like Fine Sports Cars, Brodie Neill Designs Exude Power, Energy, And Sensuality

Brodie Neill is the Jaguar of furniture design and his designs are hot! Working in London now, the Australian designer has built a brand, a mark every bit as recognizable as a fine sports car. And like Jaguar, Brodie Neill's designs are smooth, shiny, and very, very sensual.

Neill's designs are all male. They're bold, muscular, formed with definition, but graceful and fluid.... so fluid that it seems as if Neill puts his smoothest-gliding ballpoint pen to paper and never lifts it., tracing a möbius over and over until it becomes fuller and shaded and 3-dimensional. (That's what I imagine, but Neill says his designs are digitally formed; no doubt, so is the Jaguar.)

You will see for yourself in the...

@ chair

... the first of what I call the "möbius" designs. The @ chair was chosen as one of Time Magazine's best designs of 2008. Made of carbon fiber and chrome the continuity never breaks, even after its strip widens and changes directions to form a chair seat and back.

© Alex & Coco 2008© Alex & Coco 2008



(eternity) bench is lively, colorful, lacquered fiberglass handmade sculpture that can be made in several bright colors. It is being produced by Kundalini . I love how the e turn squares off to form one of the two stands, opposing, but nicely balancing its opposing form.

© Alex & Coco 2008© Alex & Coco 2008


The e turn has a lot more yin in lacquer finish than the model below, with a stainless steel finish.


© Alex & Coco 2008© Alex & Coco 2008

No question about...


... taking off. Neill's carbon fibre, graphite surface table is studded with dark Swarovski crystals giving greater depth and dimension to this slick design. Personally, I see it functioning as a desk in a quadrant of a living room, at a 50 degree angle from a wall size window. But enough about my fantasies!

© Alex & Coco 2008© Alex & Coco 2008


A very spacious frisky chair design, and still in the möbius mode,


adds even more dimension to Neill's continuous form, making perhaps, Neill's boldest statement.


© Alex & Coco 2008© Alex & Coco 2008


Pop Table

is one of Brodie Neill's latest designs, having just debuted in October at Covent Garden Super Design, one of London's most exclusive showings.

Pop Table has so much energy in its "seamless ribbon" under the table, that it appears as if the ends of the ribbon morphed into the table top to keep itself from going berserk! The Pop Table speaks best to why I love Neill's designs: they seem to have a life of their own, to have created themselves.

© Alex & Coco 2008© Alex & Coco 2008

Also debuting at Covent Garden Super Design with the Pop Table,


is a journey into the realm of mixed media. Prior designs utilizing just a few materials, mostly fiberglass and carbon fibre, Neill made Remix of remixed materials... different kinds of plywood, plastics, chipboards and fiberboards. Remix was carved (CNC'd actually) out of one laminated block of the materials. The colors are those of the original materials.

© Alex & Coco 2008© Alex & Coco 2008

Brodie Neill is still a young designer, barely 30 years old, but his "brand" has brought him enormous acclaim. He's growing too; you can see, even in a year, that he's moving toward new materials, new lines, consistent with his mark. I think we are seeing an energy that will persist to make Brodie Neill one of the finest interior designers of the 21st Century.