Drink Wine To Improve Your Omega-3's!

Guess what fish haters! You can drink wine and keep your omega-3 fatty acids high, even if you never eat another bite of the fishy stuff, according to a new European study. Of course, it's probably better for you to eat fish and drink wine, but it's nice to know that some other natural, even pleasurable, consumables can protect our tickers.

Fish is the main natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, known to provide protection against heart disease and stroke, but there are other sources of omega-3's, such as flaxseeds, walnuts, tofu, and some vegetables like squash. The new research suggests that wine is not a source, but a trigger that helps boost the number of omega 3's in your blood, and that moderate wine drinking is healthier for one's blood than other alcohol consumption.

Previous studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption proved to have a positive impact on blood levels of omega-3's, but this IMMIDIET study, performed by a group of university researchers, including the University of Grenoble, separated wine from beer and spirits in their studies.

The IMMIDIET research on food, nutrition, and health is a joint project of members of the European Union. Another of the IMMIDIET studies is attempting to show the relationship between national and regional dietary habits and their impact on the genetics of offspring when people migrate and intermarry.

In the meantime, this is more great news for boomer winos!

source: Science Daily

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