Don't Divorce Yet! Marriage Supposedly Improves In Middle Age

I know of several boomers who waited until their young left the nest and then left it themselves. But contrary to my observations comes a report from Psychological Science that suggests maybe we should put the brakes on escaping until we see what happens.

A group of UC Berkeley pschologists tracked a group of women for 18 years to study their satisfaction with their marriages from the time they were in their 40's until their early 60's. For women who remained in their original marriage and for women who remarried during the study period, they experienced greater satisfaction with their marriages as they aged.

Well, that is somewhat surprising. But you know how we fear that we'll have nothing in common with our spouses when our kids leave the "nest?" This same study showed that women whose children had left home, actually felt they had better quality time with their spouses and more satisfaction in their marriages than those whose children were still at home. In other words, women found that they did have more in common with their spouses than just their kids.

Okay, that's all well and good for these boomer women, but do their husbands' perceptions of marital bliss match their own? I guess we'll have to wait for that study. No mention was made of a male perspective in this one.

eScience News, photo:

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