10 Gadget Gifts For All The Fruits And Nuts On Your List

Fruits and nuts are difficult to buy for. Some of them need "special" treatment to make them more pleasing.

Take pineapples, for example. A pineapple needs a special gadget to remove it's fruit from its spiky shell; otherwise, no one would know that the pineapple was a really sweet, tasty fruit. Alas, the "pineapple gadget!"


1. The Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer

This is a dandy gadget. The Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer peels,cores, and slices a pineapple in 30 seconds, and lets the pineapple keep its shell in case it needs it for serving. See how cool it works like a corkscrew with just one touch of a button.




2. Chef'n Grapefruiter Citrus Sectioning Tool

The grapefruit is another tasty treat, but kind of hard to get out of its protective layers. The Chef'n Grapefruiter Citrus Sectioning Tool claims to work in 12.6 seconds. You just insert the blade of the tool into the center of a half grapefruit and squeeze the handle! Now, how long would it take you using your grapefruit knife?



3. Pylones of Paris Lady Nutcracker

Laurent Lucas designed this gorgeous Lady Nutcracker for Pylones of Paris. The Lady, as you can see, is designed to crack the smallest and largest of nuts with her voluptuous pair of silhouettes; how sweet for the nuts on your gift list. Metal base, silver color, 8 inches. Available at Amazon.com.



4. Back To Basics Apple and Potato Peeler

It's pie baking season, not to mention apple sauce season! Treat the apple of your eye to an easier go of it with this Back To Basics Apple and Potato Peeler. While is called a peeler, it actually peels, cores, and slices all at the same time with its stainless steel blades... or it can just peel, depending on the apple's needs. My apples have this gadget and they swear by it. My potatoes don't know about it yet.



5. OXO Good Grips Apple Divider

If you're not cooking, just serving and eating, the OXO Good Grips Apple Divider is the thing. The blades are nice and sharp and they segment your apple and section out its core. A very handy apple gadget, especially with OXO's ergonomic handles.





6. OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter

Now where would cherries be if we couldn't pick, I mean pit, them. They would never get to be in a pie, or ice cream, or jam. The OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter is fthe gadget for all the cherries you know and love, plus it's got a super comfortable handle for the handler. Insert cherry and squeeze.




7. Pedrini Wine & Bar 3-Stage Nutcracker

If your nuts don't go for the fancy Lady Nutcracker above, they may just appreciate the utility and dependability of the Pedrini Wine & Bar 3-Stage Nutcracker, who's no stranger to foreign countries, having been made of steel in Italy. The Nutcracker has comfy handles and can also be used for cracking crab and lobster, should one be fortunate enough to have that opportunity.



8. Microplane Grater/Zester

This baby is a sharp buy for your lemons! Lemons need love too, and they hate being zested by a knife. A knife never zests evenly and inevitably makes grooves too deep. The Microplane Grater/Zester, is a wonderful stainless steel citrus zester, and there is no greater grater for onions, potatoes, and cheese, with ease for the handler. This baby is a sharp buy for your lemons!





9. OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter

Mangos will love this splitter that neatly, evenly, and un-stringy-ly separates its pit from its sweet flesh. How many more mango eaters there would be if everyone had an OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter! Truly a mess saver, the Mango Splitter goes a long way to preserving water through unnecessary shirt-laundering.





10. The Banana Slicer

Now what banana can live without this perfectly shaped Banana Slicer? Only those that are not perfectly shaped, I guess. Place the banana on a cutting board and press down the banana slicer. Out comes a banana in perfect slices. It's not the perfect slices that may mean so much; it's the safety (even kids can use this) and the time saving element of this gadget that will come in handy, especially for baking or for huge servings of fruit salad. At a little more than $2, you can't miss with this gift gadget!



So, don't forget the fruits and nuts on your list this holiday season. They should be among your best friends!



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