When You Just Can't Work Enough... There's TrekDesk

Is that hour at the gym robbing you of precious time at your computer screen? I know it's really more than you can afford, but come on, how will you get the exercise you so dearly need?

Look no further. There's a new piece of exercise equipment about to come out, called the TrekDesk. It lets you walk while you work, and I just dare you to whistle at the same time.

Seriously, I don't know if I can write and walk at the same time, but if you have a marketing job, you can probably talk on the phone and walk. I see people talking on their cell phones while they're busting their butts on elliptical trainers....

"Excuse me ma'am. Did you just ask me why I was breathing so heavily? Ahh, don't hang up, ma'am. I swear, I am not...."

Here's how the TrekDesk works. You fit your treadmill -- the one you already have but aren't using -- with a large contraption ("universal workstation") called a TrekDesk. Its 70 by 34 inch work area gives you plenty of space for a laptop, or even a separate screen and keyboard, a telephone, and a cup of joe.... Ooh drinking, working, and walking... I'm tired already.

Here's the idea in detail:



Watch for the TrekDesk to be on sale soon, followed by the TrekDesk Chair, so you can exercise while sitting down....



I think I'll wait until I can water-ski and work at the same time.

Jan 2, 2009
by Anonymous

It sounds stupid...

I actually put a shelf over my treadmill because I spend so much time on the computer, I can walk or jog while checking e-mail or reading blogs. While it sounds a little lazy at first, it's actually increased the amount of time I spend walking or encouraged me to get moving on days I wouldn't have at all. If you can get over how ridiculous it sounds to do computer work at a treadmill, admittedly, it's a really good idea.

I don't think I'd pay for a big contraption like this, though. Mine only cost me about 8$ to install buying parts at the lumber store.

Jan 2, 2009
by Must Love Gadgets


That's great that you're even able to jog while you read!

We'd love to know how you built your "shelf." Woudl you let us know how you did it? Our readers love DIY projects.

Thanks for writing in!

Jan 2, 2009
by Anonymous


What I did wasn't complicated, but I was also lucky that my treadmill is tucked into a recess in my laundry room so I was able to build a simple shelf to span across the gap by drilling 2x2 lengths into the studs and placing a shelf board across it at a comfortable height. Still, I don't expect it would be difficult to construct another way such as with legs to attach to the treadmill. I've also had a shelf on the wall in front of the treadmill and simply plugged a wired keyboard and mouse into it and set the keyboard on my treadmill's built in shelf.

I think how to build a shelf would just depend on the person's treadmill or space, but it IS a handy undertaking to consider because I can get in a few miles while doing my mails as opposed to sitting on my butt.

Sorry I don't have anything more useful.

Jan 3, 2009
by Must Love Gadgets


I think I can picture it.  You're right though; if you're building a desk, the placement of the treadmill is pretty crucial.  Thanks much, though.  Maybe you will give a few readers some ideas.

Jan 22, 2009
by Anonymous


TrekDesk looks awesome. Thanks for showing me this.