Symbio: Plenty Of Promise, But Where Is It?

This may not look like your average advertisement for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), but the cordless Symbio is not your average phone. It's a lifestyle. This bather will be awakened by the hi-fi ringtones of the Violin Concerto in D.



Think about it. High fidelity ringtones? A color screen? High definition sound for speech coding, stereo speakers, digital radio...

And the Symbio really has a smashing design too!




The French design team at Elium Studio created the Symbio for Thompson, S.A., an international corporation that specializes in access vehicles for media and film, as well as technologies to harness the power of the Internet. Adding access to Internet radio to VOIP is just one of Thompson's set of reins.

But where is the Symbio? It was disclosed to the press almost a year ago, and Symbio's web page on the Thomson site is complete with description of features, a Quick Start Guide, and a 54-page User Guide. But it doesn't seem to be for sale anywhere.

Too bad. C'mon, Symbio; we're waiting for the phone to ring!



If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who has one, let us know.