Whipped Cocoa Bath: Great Idea?

Chocolatey bathwater,
I feel like a marshmallow,
Floating amongst your froth.

You caffeinate my pores,
And make me feel naughty.
I want to say dirty things,

And then wash out my mouth,
with a Hershey Bar of soap.



The Whipped Cocoa Bath is an additive created in 2004 for when times get tense and rough. It presents a scented escape from the mundane and stressful, and when added to a spa (bath) it produces the visual and sensual effects of sitting in a large cocoa bathtub. (It really should be a tub shaped like a giant mug to complete the fantasy, but the again, you can’t have everything!) Patent#US6753303 represents a release from the non-sudsy world into the fantastic realm of chocolate nirvana. Put another way, when things go bad, simply whip!

Although not for everyone, the concept of the Whipped Cocoa Bath does have its place among strawberry-flavored mudpacks and kiwi-scented oils. It works quite simply: adding the mixture to hot water creates a chocolate scent and a bubbly foam that can transport you far away from your bathroom. Unlike others of its ilk, the Whipped Cocoa Bath produces bubbles have a surface tension that allows for a long life.

Consider some of these other bath-related inventions. Read Steve Levenstein’s clever piece, “Bubble Gum Meets Bubble Bath” and his post, “Bath Bombs Turn Your Hot Bath Into a Deep Fryer” http://inventorspot.com/articles/bath_bombs_turn_your_hot_bath_deep_frye....

Whipped Cocoa Bath, you may not be my cup of tea, but for lovers of Darjeeling and Earl Grey, its nice to know you are available.

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