The Joy Of Parallel Synchronized Randomness In Design

Call it fate, call it kismet, call it parallel synchronized randomness; it is always wonderful when seemingly unrelated things just come together as if there was a divine plan for them all along. It is a romantic notion. Things or people coming into our lives are meant to be, but their discovery is always a surprise. As it is in Kacper Hamilton's design, Parallel - Synchronized - Randomness (PSR), surprise can be very rewarding.

Parallel synchronized randomness was first introduced in those words in the movie The Science of Sleep. Here is a very short segment of the movie in which the lead character, Stephane, explains this theory. It will help you understand the inspiration for Hamilton's design.



Now, watch how Kacper Hamilton expresses Parallel - Synchronized - Randomness in his design sequence.





Kacper Hamilton designs in London at his own Hamilton Design Studio. We recently covered Mr. Hamilton's 7 Deadly Glasses for Anti-Valentine's Day.