I Never Would Have Guessed! The Tufty

You know the expression, "Boys just want to have fun?" Today's interior designers, boys and girls, are having enormous amounts of fun. Just look at Tufty by Lithuanian designer Jonas Jurgaitis...



I love the idea of a textile plant. It livens things up, especially in rooms where sunlight is not available.  Tufty's wooden pot has a rich dark veneer and the tulips, along with their stalks, are bent towards the imaginary sun.

If you saw the Tufty in your host's home or in an office waiting room, would you ever think of sitting on it?



But, indeed Tufty has a nice padded cushion in its center just like a chair; in fact, Tufty is a chair. even if its designer prefers to call his work "functional sculpture."  But Jurgaitis is happy as long as his designs keep viewers surprised. "Amazement, good emotion, a smile - that's what I am after."

See what I mean? Designers just want to have fun!


yatzer via cribcandy