Snore Much? Here's A "Side Solution Pillow"

If you or your special other has a problem snoring, here's a new pillow that may help that. It's the Side Solution Pillow," designed by a specialist in physical therapy and the treatment of headaches and TMJ. He developed the Side Solution Pillow to assist the more than 50 percent of people who sleep on their sides and suffer the consequences, ranging from facial, shoulder and arm pain to snoring and mild sleep apnea. (Why is there a babe in this photo? I don't know any babes who snore... do you?)


The pillow is made of polyfoam and is shaped to give your head and neck support, without requiring a supportive arm under the pillow. The indentations in the pillow sides allow room for the passage of air, which helps in unblocking the nasal passages which may reduce snoring.




The Side Solution Pillow, made by AbsolutelyNew, measures 19" x 17" x 17", and comes with a form-fitted, machine washable cover. There are no promises, but it may be worth a try! Available at


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Feb 25, 2009
by Anonymous

It doesn't look like it IS for the "babe" pictured

I think you are right--"babes" don't least not often. From the photo, it looks like the babe is using the pillow as a hair relaxer. (If the pillow can prevent snoring, perhaps it can also prevent split ends?)

Doesn't the "side solution" pillow resemble an oversized "Breathe Right" strip? Would that be a patent violation??

Feb 25, 2009
by Boomer Babe

You sound like someone who might snore!

I don't think it's a patent violation, but you're right, it does look like a Breathe Right. (I know them too! :-) )

Your comment is very funny! Thanks for writing in.