Yuruppy: The Virtual Pet You Can Rub


For those of us who lived through the virtual pet craze, prepare yourself.   And for all your parents out there, just think Tamagotchi - kicked up a notch.  


Yuruppy,  from Takara Tomy, is a small handheld device that includes a touchscreen panel.  The not-yet-released device is bigger and a bit more high-tech than the Tamagotchi most of us are familiar with.   The Yuruppy allows kids to select from three different pets -  a kitten, puppy or chicken.   A chicken?  Well, at least it isn't a rooster that crows at the crack of dawn!  Once you select your pet,  just rub the panel with your finger to pet it.   The toy also includes 14 mini-games.


Yuruppy is expected to roll out in stores in June.  There will be two different versions of the virtual pet, the standard and deluxe models.  The standard version is expected to retail for $21 and the deluxe model, with a larger touchscreen, will retail for $38.  

Update: the Yuruppy is now available at Amazon here and at other retailers. There is a Yruppy Dog, Yruppy Cat and Yruppy Duck available.

Source: BoingBoing   Photo:  IT Media

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