Now, Isn't This Just Peezy? Design Week Awards, 2009

Believe it or not, the Best In Show and Best Industrial Product Design of the British Design Week 2009 was a urine receptacle for females called the Peezy™. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that women don't have to pee on their fingers any more while providing a specimen to the lab, but winning a Best In Show competing against the likes of Microsoft Interactive Canvas and Apple's Mac Book Air? When I received the press release and learned that the designer of Peezy calls itself "Funnelly Enough," I just knew this was a joke.

But, it wasn't and it isn't. Pee is serious business to clinicians, especially when it comes to getting samples from women. You see the sample that's desired is the mid-stream pee. What that means is that a woman has to pee just a little and then sneak a receptacle under her stream and back out again before she's finished peeing.

Believe me, peeing on one's hand is not one of our finer moments, nor is wiping off the pee on the receptacle.

So, Dr. Vincent Forte, general practitioner and designer of Peezy, came up with a solution that women and clinicians seem to love.



Peezy's shape and flow design allows everything to happen in and through the receptacle. The initial 10cc's of urine pass through the Peezy into the commode. The midstream, which is needed for testing, is saved in the container, and the rest of the urine stream is directed into the commode. Dry hands, dry bottle, dry toilet, dry floor.

Not only does the Peezy provide a less humiliating experience to women, it is also infinitely more sanitary. It is more cost effective; its designer estimates a cost savings averaging £2 per test because retests are required so frequently due to samples being from the first part of the urine stream.

The judges of the Design Week 2009 Awards were proud of their choice of Peezy as Best In Show, citing that too often it's aesthetics that win. In the Design Week Awards, "products are chosen for their ability to do the job.... This year the judges have reinforced that stance by giving the top accolade to a user-friendly medical device."


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Mar 13, 2009
by Anonymous

Another needless expense.

Hmmm . . . looks like penis envy to me. I'm a female and have never peed on my fingers or anything else when providing a sample. How many more things will be invented to rip us off? Enough already!