Write With Two Instruments at The Same Time: Great Idea?

The Device for Coupling Writing Utensils dates back to 2004. For the inventor of Patent# US 6802665, its purposes may have been absolutely clear, but for many others it remains perfectly obscure. The apparatus is composed of two pieces; a first engagement comprising an exterior wall and an interior wall which holds a first writing utensil; and a second engagement made the same way which holds a second writing utensil. A portion of both sections are connected to each other in ways most of us can barely imagine. (See image below for some clarity).




The Device for Coupling Writing Utensils could come in very handy for someone whose work requires the use of two types of pen in quick succession, and it is probably the need for such that was the source of the idea in the first place. Taping two pens parallel to each other with points opposed is probably the most commonly-seen improvised writing tool among high school debaters and such. Apart from this, one reviewer of this patent had an idea for its use that goes beyond the scope of the expected. He commented that this device is perfect for the multi-tasker who needs by the mere flick of a wrist, to be able to pick both nose and teeth simultaneously.

Combining the art of writing with another item that will permit some sort of multi-tasking is very clever but not unique. Consider the unusual creation of the “Combination Handcuff Key and Writing Instrument: Great Idea?” and “10 Quirky Pencils, Pens, And Funky Sharpeners To Entertain You”.

As far as the Device for Coupling Writing Utensils is concerned, I think I will pass. But you dear reader, may you write and do whatever else comes to mind happily and successfully.

Via Patent Storm