iRobot Rhoombas For 7 Days While You Do The Stanky Leg

I don't know about these iRobot vacuum cleaners, but the more souped up they make the Rhoomba, the more indispensable it seems. The latest edition has a wireless command center just like the Discovery astronauts, but lucky you, the new Rhoomba works on the ground -- on your floors, specifically.



The way I look at it, who really likes to navigate a big heavy vacuum cleaner, move all the furniture around to clean under it (right!) and then clean the floor molding? Hup! Time to lug the old bag to the bedroom.

Vacuuming is getting to be less fun. I'd rather go out and do the Stanky Leg while my new Rhoomba does the floors. I can now do that for seven days, after programming the new iRobot Rhoomba to do its thing while I'm gone.

Here's what you get in the 7 Day Programmable Robotic Vacuum:

  • A bagless, self-navigating vacuum with a wireless command center that sends out the Rhoomba for daily vacuuming and/or spot cleaning.
  • A super rotation speed of 1,650 rpm
  • A vacuum that goes under and around furniture without you having to move it
  • An automatic adjustment for carpets vs. floors
  • Two virtual lighthouses that keep your Rhoomba focused on one room until it has finished, only then allowing it to clean the next room
  • Anti-tangle technology that senses fringe and reverses the direction of the cleaning brushes
  • Six side-brushes angled toward the floor for cleaning along the walls and corners.

If you want to get a fascinating look at the iRobot Rhoomba in action, check out the demonstration video at Hammacher Schlemmer. This particular model is exclusive to Hammacher; and not only that, if you buy the Seven Day Programmable Robotic Vacuum there, you get a lifetime guarantee, and you can't beat that.