Soladey-3: the Iconic, Ionic, No Toothpaste Toothbrush

The Soladey-3 is the most recent iteration of a unique ionic toothbrush invented by Dr. Yoshinori Nakagawa, and millions are sold in Japan each year. The only ones not smiling at the Soladey-3's success are toothpaste manufacturers, since the Soladey-3 doesn't require toothpaste to keep teeth free from damaging dental plaque.

On the other hand, concern has been raised about toothpaste due to its fluoride content and the chronic abrasion on teeth from silica. If using toothpaste worries you, now there's an alternative!


Here's how this cool iconic toothbrush works - the Soladey-3 comes in 2 parts: a Body containing a small solar panel and a Titanium metal rod, and a replaceable Head which holds the bristles.

Light (not necessarily sunlight, either) that hits the small solar panel is converted to negative ions that travel along the rod and into the mouth, where the user's saliva exposes them to acids produced by the bacteria which cause plaque. The negative ions draw positive hydrogen ions out of the plaque, weakening its molecular structure and dissolving it away. Neat, huh?  

Those who just can't abide not using toothpaste when they brush their teeth but still want to use the Soladey-3 can purchase something called Soladey Mate G, a specially formulated "liquified gel" that only requires 1/5 the amount of a comparable toothpaste.

Around 2 million Soladey-3 ionic toothbrushes are purchased in Japan annually, along with about 5 million replacement heads.  Japan Trend Shop offers a $45 package that includes 1 Soladey-3 toothbrush in your choice of orange, purple, red, or blue, and a set of 4 replacement brush heads. In the U.S., you can purchase the Soladey 3 here on Amazon.

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