Indulgence Blossoms Into Sensual And Unique Cantilever Chair

Dima Loginoff is not shy about expressing sensuality in his designs, thankfully so. Indulgence may be the most sensual of his works yet. Unlike chair designs that easily satisfy the eye but not the body, Indulgence is not just visually appealing with its robust, Rubenesque, fluid hollows and curvaceous peaks; Indulgence is viscerally satisfying. It calls on you to sit and indulge.

Past inspirations are at play here; Loginoff’s flowing one-piece textile, a flower blossoming, its petals, shaded on the undersides, opening in their own playful ways...








But the structure of the chair is not unrestrained. In fact, very purposefully, Loginoff employs a rarely used cantilever* architecture, a seat that is separate from the base of the chair. The first impact of one’s weight is on the seat, and the second impact is absorbed, if necessary, by the base of the chair. This split chair/base cantilever adds balance and stability to the chair, and greater comfort as well.



Indulgence, in polycarbonate or clear ABS plastic, has a sumptuous look and would have a highly polished, smooth, sensual feel. The unique cantilever architecture adds significant sustainability to Indulgence as well.


* Cantilever chairs have no back legs which presents a design challenge for achieving balance and stability.

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