Satisfy The Shoe Fetishist In Your Sole With iPhone's New App: iShoes

If there's an iPhone application every shoe fetishist must have it's iShoes.  Released last week on the iPhone AppStore, iShoes should keep you busy for awhile as you have only 50,000 pairs of shoes to scroll through.



Okay, you can use the search feature, of course.  Search by style, by occasion, by brand...  all from  When a shoe just grabs you where you live, tap the retailer box on the iPhone screen, and a new screen will pop up, giving you some retailer information.  Then you can go either directly to the retailer's website to order or to obtain more information, email it to yourself or a friend, or you can save the info in your favorites box.






A really neat feature of the iShoes app is that it has an offline mode, so if you want to browse shoes when you're out of range, you can download iShoes and browse them on a flight or on a camping trip!

The iShoes application was developed by Mobile App Studio.   The application is 1.4 MB and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone 2.1 software update is required to use the iShoes application.

If this launch of iShoes is successful, there will doubtless follow an app for every fetishist you can imagine!


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