Neat, Easy Camp Cooking


There seems to be no end to the number of interesting designs out there for new camp stoves and cooking modules. The Firo, designed by Andrea Nimtschke, is a long metal tube designed to be thrown directly onto the campfire. Inside is a series of ceramic cups that each hold individual meals or foods, allowing them to cook on the fire. Pull the ceramic cup arrangement out and detach each dish and it will double as a serving dish. Cook a delicious meal for you and all your camp buddies by simply throwing another "log" on the fire.

Each ceramic pot is designed to pivot on the inner frame of the Firo so that it is always upright and won't spill your ever-so-valuable carbs all over the dirt. The pots each have their very own insulated "coozy" designed to keep your food warm and hands not so warm until the very last crumb is swallowed. A handle serves the  purpose of pulling the pot from the Firo and then doubles as a set of utencils.

Firo is still just a wishful concept, but Nimtschke is shopping around for investors to see this product through to production. Any camping cookware that is this easy-to-use and multi-functional would surely be popular around parks and backcountry campsites all over the world.

via Yanko