The Coolest Microscope Ever! The USB Microscope

AntonyAntony This is "Antony." Does he make you squirm? If not, you can see him even closer... up to 200 times his size, with the USB Microscope that gives you really close encounters. Watch him on your computer screen, take still photos, or video Antony. You can publish your own little "natural wonders" series!

This great little USB Microscope can perch on a stand, or you can hold it in your hand like a flashlight, zooming in on anything with 20x - 200x its original size.  That's a lot of power.  The USB Microscope has its own bright LED light as well.



Here are a few fascinating images from the USB Microscope taken by the folks at

First, the £1 note.  Note the Queen.



Now, note the Queen's eye:



Here is some denim fabric, probably worn by a geek over at Firebox while testing the USB Microscope. (They have all the fun over there!)



 And here's a small coin...



The USB Microscope is about the neatest instrument I've seen in a long time for only $100, especially with its video and still shooting ability.  And you can do serious things with it. What a great geek gift!  For geeks of any age, of course!

The microscope comes with a stand and software and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X10.5 and above.  See or Amazon for further specifications.



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