Don't Move, This Bookstand Has You Covered

For those who, from desire, habit, or necessity still read things printed on paper, the Infinitely Adjustable Reading Valet comes in mighty handy.  Or should I say, handlessly?  Every part moves, from the wheels on the bottom to the telescoping stand, to the tilt and the swivel of the book holder itself  The Reading Valet makes the perfect hands-free reading companion.



You can wheel the Reading Valet up to your stove or counter to check your recipes while you're cooking, and raise it high enough so you don't even need your reading glasses to read the ingredients.   Insert instructions for your newest project into the page holder, so you have them handy to refer to while you work.

Use the Reading Valet while you're riding your stationery bike or walking on the treadmill... while you're practicing a speech... while you're on your favorite sofa, the one that's not built for reading.  Reading in bed will be a lot easier too, as you don't have to compromise your comfort for the limitation of the book stand; it has no limitations!

You can lie flat on your back and this adjustable Reading Valet will hold your book straight above your head.  Now that's what I call a Reading Valet!

The Infinitely Adjustable Reading Valet accommodates paperbacks, magazines, and hardcover books up to 4 pounds.  It has spring-loaded page turners and it extends from 31" high to 51" high.  This would make a great Mother's Day gift, don't you think?  She deserves something that focuses on her comfort and relaxation!

Available with a lifetime guarantee at Hammacher Schlemmer. (Update: This item is no longer available at Hammacher, but is available on Amazon here.)



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May 4, 2009
by Anonymous

Get a grip, hold it yourself.

A Reading Valet? Come on....

This is what I call pure laziness, when people are incapable of holding their own book while reading, the world is heading towards a spastic downturn.

Not to mention, we're in a recession. Who has extra funds for this anyway?

Get a grip, hold it yourself.